How to showcase your Architecture design in one day and get new customers Free

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How to showcase your Architecture design in one day and get new customers Free
Now a days its tough to get genuine leads for real estate related business. This is especially true for Architecture design and 3D design firms.
People use many curated design platform to compare your design , so if you are shame to showcase your design ,you are loosing a challenging projects.There are plenty of curated content platform online,today i am introducing an 6 year old one ,which have a special focus towards Indian Home design niche. 
Indian Home design is a hot niche for VC ,they have funded many startup focussing on Indian Home design startup started between 2012 - 2015 . The niche Indian Home design is started by an Online home design magazine / blog named as on 2010 .
So whenever you search on the Google for Indian Home design , the top results is
Indian Home design is focussed on Exterior and Interior design ideas.They publish new design ideas with design credit to the home designer with all the contact details. You can provide the
  1. Phone number,
  2. Whatsapp no,
  3. Email
  4. Website
  5. Service details
Indian Home design also accept blogs written by prominent authors but does not accept guest post created only for link back / seo purpose.They are happy to support Freelancers,Upcoming home designers,Architecture companies,3D visualisers,Interior designer,Landscaping designers,3D walkthrough team.
Indian Home design revenue source include the Google Adsense,Banner advertisement from the real estate sector. 
So these are the marketing opportunities present at Indian Home design 
Free showcasing / portfolio 
You can start showcasing your Home design ideas now by Emailing your designs to ,you can send Home exterior design or interior design details to the email with design images ,usually within one week it will be published with your contact details. There is no payment required since its an online Home design magazine
Paid Banner advertisement
There are three paid banner advertisement option in the right column adjacent to content .
For each banner advertisement cost is 10000Rs per Month . 
For Home designer i recommend using the Free design publishing option , while real estate / Product companies can use the Paid advertisement option. 
For more details contact them via Email : 
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