Royal Victorian 5000 sqft Bungalow Design By Arkitecture Studio

Home specification

Style :Bungalow
Number Of Floors :2
Built Up Area :5000 sq ft
Number Of Bedrooms :5 BHK
Living/Family Room:2
Number Of BathRooms:6

About Home design

Royal Victorian Bungalow Design By Arkitecture Studio.To Know more about this magnificient bungalow design you should surely contact Arkitecture Studio which is a leading architectural firm, Full service home architectural design company, in heart of Calicut City, Kerala since 2008. Their specialization is in Victorian, Colonial, Mughal, Classic ,Traditional and Contemporary concept of luxury and modern style home Exterior and Interior designing solutions. Their team of expert architects, interior designers and civil engineers are leaded by Architect Zainul abid and Architectural Consultant Muhammed Shafi v. 

About Home designer

Home designer :Arkitecture studio
Home designer email
address:Kozhikode, Kerala, India ,

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